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Ideal for businesses with a fair amount of website content changes, blog article creation and require On-Page Search Engine Optimization.

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Monthly Backup

What would happen if your website went down? A monthly backups of your website is important because if something major happened to your site, we have the most recent files to pull from to fix the issue.

Monthly Traffic Reports

Ever wonder how your website is performing? What cities your visitors are from? With monthly reports, you’ll see what page is viewed most and will be able to track the success of your social media referrals or new product launch.

2 Hour of Updates

This package is perfect for the company that needs more than just a few updates. Our updates include important client-supplied text additions, content updates, link changes and photo gallery updates.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website may be beautiful, but is it getting found? We perform local keyword research, implement unique meta titles and descriptions for every page of your website.

Hosting Support

Most modern websites are built using Content Management Software, such as WordPress. The software updates are necessary to keep security patches up to date and the functionality of the site working properly. We’ll also test the site on multiple platforms once the update is complete.

Blog Writing & Submission

We research, create, and submit 1 blog post a month. Includes image purchase and edits.

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